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I hope this of use to those curious about Western Governors University, and interested in sharing your experiences at the WGU.

Many are willing to help you out with the Refer-a-Friend (used to avoid paying the application fee,) and you can ask for help with this on the following thread: Refer-A-Fried Thread

About Western Governors University:
Western Governors University is an online university driven by a mission to expand access to higher education through online, competency-based degree programs. WGU has flourished into a national university, serving over 17,000 students from all 50 states.
The university continues to open doors for adult learners who need flexibility to achieve their education and career goals. WGU’s innovative competency-based academic approach makes it possible, allowing individuals to fit their education into their lives, not the other way around.
History of Western Governors University:
WGU was founded by the governors of 19 U.S. states. At no other time in the history of higher education have the governors of several states joined together to create a university. WGU is also supported by over 20 major corporations and foundations who believe in WGU’s commitment to producing highly competent graduates.
Western Governors University - Indiana

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WGU Indiana is an online, competency-based university established by the state of Indiana through a partnership with Western Governors University to expand access to higher education for Indiana residents.
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1 Jan WGU Start. Mon, 24 Dec 2018 16:26:51 +0000 Colleges & Schools MrsWilliams 134495@/discussions
Either way. I am just honestly doing this to check a box and for fun. The other more prestigious university I applied to must have sent me an acceptance letter that got lost in the mail.

So, I will track my progress here and also give advice....starting now......

Several things have to be done prior to you being cleared to start:
1. Talk to enrollment counselor.
2. Submit transcripts  and have them reviewed and updated as received on your student portal.
3. Meet Eligibility Requirements. -
4. Intake Interview.
5. Financial Aid/Payment Plan set up.
6. Orientation

Most of the requirements have to be done in some sort of order. Without the first few being done a lot of the other options were grayed out. The university updating my profile to reflect my transcripts was the longest part of the entire process. I had all of my transcripts sent overnight, so believe me I know when they were delivered. I think I sent an email or two and the next day my profile was updated with the transcripts I know they received. 

You'll be given a course mentor, which is basically someone who is giving you mental/educational support and pep talks. My mentor seems cool, kind. But, I still think it's pointless to have one. I wrote him an email asking for more classes to be approved my first semester. He avoided that question and asked me a question. So, I emailed him again today. He has about 72hrs before I request a mentor change. 

Now to the meat and potatoes.

Once you have completed steps 1-6, which took me about 2 weeks you'll be cleared to start. Once cleared to start you can access the classes that are required. You can also see what assignments must be completed. What's so good about that you ask? You can also start writing those assignments.  You can't turn the assignment in now, but you can go ahead and get the writing of said assignments out of the way. I literally have completed 3 classes so far and school hasn't even started yet. I will go over each assignment once more, modifying it to cater to the rubric before final submission.

So, my first piece of advice is to complete all of the requirements prior to the 1st of the month (which is mandatory already) and start working on the writing assignments. It's a lot of writing, but I am also positive that I wrote more in my undergrad than is requested for this WGU graduate level degree. I think I wrote more in one class at another university than a few classes at WGU. Keep in mind *hint hint* they are asking for papers on X, Y, Z. They don't say it has to be 20 pages. If you can get your point across in 5 pages write it in 5 pages. If you want to explain yourself in 45 pages do that. This isn't high school where you are given extra credit points. Nor does WGU have a GPA scale. Either you passed the class or you didn't (another topic). In traditional school you can be a .5 away from a B or an A. With WGU, either you passed the class or your didn't. So, traditional school tactics don't apply to WGU whatsoeverrrrrrrrr.

I did the pre assessment for Secure Network Design C700 and passed. I had not read one page of anything, nor am I going to after I realized how easy it was. 

What I will say is experience, "Security" certifications  and my recent graduate level cyber security courses have helped. A lot of this stuff is just refreshers. 

The course only requires two certifications: CEH and CHFI. No graduate level courses are transferred in. I repeat, no graduate level courses are transferred in. The only thing that'll help you eliminate a course is either of the above certifications. 

 I've done three courses and school hasn't even started yet. I am sure I'll be at least MORE than half way done with my classes before 1 January. I am saving the CHFI training course for second to last before the Capstone. People say going so quick you don't learn anything. You are right IF the majority of this isn't new to you. A lot of this stuff is refresher and I was just in an graduate level course not long ago, that didn't transfer. Just remember I said this is a check the box degree. Keep that in mind. This wasn't exactly my first pick. It's just the cheapest /easiest alternative. 

I am sure I can be done in 30 days (If I take the CHFI serious, which I don't). It might take 60-90 days because I have no desire to obtain the CHFI certification and I might fail the exam the first time and have to wait for a retake. 

Either way, I'll keep you posted. 

Master list of B&M colleges offering online IT degrees Tue, 11 May 2010 17:36:43 +0000 Colleges & Schools Zartanasaurus 53985@/discussions
And now, without further stalling for time...


Penn State (PA) (Tier I, #47 overall)
BS-Information Sciences & Technology (130 ch)

Northeastern (MA) (Tier I, #80 overall)
BS-Information Technology (160 qh)
$316/qh ($421.33/ch)

Drexel (PA) (Tier I, #88 overall)
BS-Computing & Security Technology (185 qh)
$600/qh ($800/ch)
IT certifications count up to 15 credits.

Dakota State (SD) (Tier I, #35 Midwest Baccalaureate Colleges)
BS-Computer Information Systems (3 specializations) (128 ch)

UMass @ Lowell (MA) (Tier III)
BS-Information Technology (120 ch)

Austin Peay (TN) (Tier III, Universities-Master's (South))
BS-Computer Science & Information Systems (120 ch?)
$275 in-state
$772 out-of-state
$33,000 in-state
$92,640 out-of-state

Armstrong Atlantic, Georgia Southern, Southern Polytechnic, Clayton State, Columbus State (GA) (Tier III/IV)
BS-Information Technology (120 ch)
Those five GA universities participate in the WebBSIT program.

East Carolina (NC) (Tier IV)
BS-Information Technology (127 ch)
$106/ch in-state
$472/ch out-of-state
$13,462 in-state
$59,944 out-of-state

Mercy College (NY) (Tier IV)
BS-Computer Information Systems (120 ch)
BS-Information Assurance & Security (120 ch)

New York sure is expensive...

West Florida (FL) (Tier IV)
BS-Interdiciplinary Information Technology (Networking & Telecom Specialization) (120 ch)
$18,424 in-state
$20,878 out-of-state

The low out-of-state prices only come if you fill out an out-of-state tuition waiver, which it looks like everyone qualifies for.

Nova Southeastern (FL) (Tier IV)
BS-Computer Information Systems (120 ch?)

University of Maryland University College (MD) (unranked)
BS-Computer and Information Science (120 ch)
BS-Computer Information Technology (120 ch)
BS-Information Systems Management (120 ch)
BS-Cybersecurity (120 ch)
$237/ch in-state
$499/ch out-of-state
$28,440 in-state
$59,880 out-of-state

Brandman University (CA) (unranked)
BBA-Information Systems Management (124 ch)

Bellevue (NE) (unranked)
BS-Computer Information Systems
BS-Computer Information Systems in Business
BS-Information Technology
BS-Management Information Systems (127 ch)

Baker College (MI) (unranked)
BS-Computer Information Systems (2 concentrations) (189/197 qh)
$195/qh ($260 ch)


Brandeis (MA) (Tier 1, #31 overall)
MS-Information Assurance (30 ch)
MS-Information Technology Management (30 ch)
MS-Project Management (30 ch)

This looks to be the most prestigious B&M university offering an online degree program so far.

Georgia Tech (GA) (Tier 1, #35 overall)
MS-Information Security (32 ch)

I felt like Chris Rock in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka when I saw the tuition.

Syracuse University (NY) (Tier I, #58 overall)
MS-Information Management (36 ch)
MS-Telecommunications & Network Management (36 ch)

Your first year of study requires a one-week on-campus residence in July. Shouldn't be too hard of a requirement to meet with vacation time.

Virginia Tech (VA) (Tier I, #71 overall)
MS-Information Technology (30 ch?)
$488 in-state
$957.75 out-of-state
$14,640 in-state
$28,732.50 out-of-state

NC State (NC) (Tier I, #88 overall)
MS-Computer Networks (4 concentrations) (31 ch)
$240/ch in-state
$700/ch out-of-state
$7,471 in-state

This looks like a rigorous program. If you don't have a CompSci, CompEng or EE undergrad degree, they require you to take up to Calc III in undergrad courses. Cheap if you live in NC though.

Auburn (AL) (Tier I, #88 overall)
Dual MS-Information Systems/MBA (54 ch)

Florida State (FL) (Tier I, #102 overall)
MS-Management Info Systems
$486.54/ch in-state
$1,117.94/ch out-of-state
MBA-Management Info Systems
$486.54/ch in-state
$553.37/ch out-of-state

Kind of confused on the tuition. One one page, it says the OOS tuition is $1,110/ch. On another page, it says the IS and OOS tuition are the same for the online MIS program. Might want to double check.

Colorado State (CO) (Tier I, #128 overall)
MSBA-Computer Info Systems (30 ch)

James Madison University (VA) (Tier I, #4 Universities-Master's (South))
MS-Information Security (33 ch)
HT: peacepa

Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) (Tier I, #9 Universities-Master's (North))
MS-Networking & Systems Administration (48 qh)

They have a flat rate for full-time students taking up to 18 credits per quarter. Since this degree could theoretically be completed in three quarters, I used that as the price for the degree.

University of Dallas (TX) (Tier I, #13 Universities-Master's (West))
MS/MBA-Information Assurance (39 ch)
MS/MBA-Information Technology
MBA-Project Management

Very annoying website to navigate. I'm going to assume all the Master's degree programs are 39 ch. They also offer dual MBA/MS degrees so you could mix and match as well.

Marist (NY) (Tier I, #15 Universities-Master's (North))
MS-Information Systems (30 ch)

Michigan @ Dearborn (MI) (Tier I, #27 Universities-Master's (Midwest))
MS-Computer Information Systems (30 ch)
MS-Information Systems & Technology (30ch)

I couldn't figure out their tuition. Could be presented a lot more clearly.

Illinois @ Springfield (IL) (Tier I, #27 Universities-Master's (Midwest))
MS-Management Information Systems (36 ch)

Dakota State (SD) (Tier I, #35 Baccalaureate Colleges (Midwest))
MS-Information Systems (30 ch)
MS-Information Assurance & Computer Security (36 ch)

Norwich University (VT) (Tier I, #62 Universities-Master's (North))
MS-Information Assurance (36 ch)

I couldn't actually find a page specifically mentioning that this program was offered online, but Norwich does have online programs and it was mentioned by a poster in-thread.

Mississippi St (MS) (Tier III)
MBA-Project Management (33 ch)

Oklahoma St (OK) (Tier III)
MS-Management Information Systems (33 ch)
$327/ch in-state
$797/ch out-of-state
$10,791 in-state
$26,301 out-of-state

Central Florida (FL) (Tier III)
MS-Digital Forensics (30 ch)
$324.31 in-state
$1,117.01 out-of-state
$9,729 in-state
33,510 out-of-state

Holy out-of-state tuition costs, Batman. I don't think anyone from outside Florida will be using this one.

DePaul University (IL) (Tier III)
MS-Computer, Information & Network Security (52 ch)
MS-E-Commerce Technology (52 ch)
MS-Information Technology (52 ch)
MS-IT Project Management (52 ch)
MS-Network Engineering & Management (52 ch)

52 credit hours for a degree???1111111111?121211111111uno

East Carolina (NC) (Tier IV)
MS-Technology Systems (7 concentrations) (30 ch)
$172 in-state
$677 out-of-state

That has got to be one of the cheapest master's degrees you can get.

Mercy College (NY) (Tier IV)
MS-Information Assurance & Security (30 ch)

The degree guide states that this program will prepare you for CISSP certification.

Tarleton State (TX) (Tier IV)
MS-Information Systems (36 ch)
$244.33/ch in-state
$501.33 out-of-state

West Florida (FL) (Tier IV)
MSA-Database Administration (36 ch)
$9,818.64 in-state
$10,949.76 out-of-state

Requires out-of-state tuition waiver.

Nova Southeastern (FL) (Tier IV)
MS-Computer Information Systems (36 ch)
MS-Information Security (36 ch)
MS-Information Technology (36 ch)
MS-Management Information Systems (36 ch)

Michigan @ Flint (MI) (Tier III, Universities-Master's (Midwest))
MBA-Computer Information Systems Concentration (33 ch)
MS-Information Systems (30 ch)
$479.25 in-state
$697.40 out-of-state
$14,377.50 in-state
$20,022 out-of-state

The MS-InfoSystems actually requires an on-campus residency every six weeks for two of the classes. BUT, you can take those required classes at another university and transfer them in if you can find them online. Not a bad option for someone who doesn't mind driving there every six weeks though.

Mountain State University (WV) (Tier IV, Universities-Master's (South))
BS-Information Technology (130 ch)

Bellevue (NE) (unranked)
MS-Computer Information Systems (36 ch)
MS-Management Information Systems (36 ch)

Capitol College (MD) (Unranked)
MS-Information Assurance (36 ch)
MS-Information & Telecom Systems Mgmt (38 ch)

Brandman University (CA) (unlisted)
MBA-Information Security Management
$550/ch (36 – 48 ch)
$19,800 - $26,400

It was unlisted, but it's part of Chapman University, which is ranked #9 in Universities-Master's (West).

If anyone else knows of any other programs, feel free to link the relevant info in here and I will update.]]>
CS/IT/IS/etc Doctorates Fri, 30 Nov 2018 00:46:39 +0000 Colleges & Schools msbace 134289@/discussions
I have completed a Masters in CS and would like to continue the momentum towards a PhD. I am only looking for online degree programs, due to my...well, life.  I also prefer B&M schools.
My research has found the following programs:
University of Arkansas PhD in CIS 
Dakota State U's new PhD (formerly Dsc)
University of Rhode Island PhD in CS
DePaul University PhD in CIS
Wright State U PhD in CS 
Auburn U PhD in CE

Does anyone have any experience with these? Are there any others worth considering? 

Capella grads check in here! Thu, 15 Nov 2018 13:58:06 +0000 Colleges & Schools JDMurray 134164@/discussions Student Experiences at Western Governors University (WGU) Thu, 08 Apr 2010 09:07:10 +0000 Colleges & Schools veritas_libertas 52825@/discussions Western Governors University.

Please keep it civil, and do not spend your time bashing the school, and its policies. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you have a problem you need to take it up with your professor or mentor. Please no Flaming on this thread.

You can ask for help with a referral (used to avoid paying the application fee) on the following thread:]]>