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As for the game play it's self, Id get occasional pausing of the screen when looking around, not a lot, but after only a few hours of game play, I had that vertigo sickness feeling, and had to stop playing. My experiences with other games, this happens when the game play isn't smooth. My system meets the recommended system CPU speed requirements (interesting enough they are the same as the minimum requirements), my video card is one step below the recommended card (NVIDIA GTX 780), I have a 760, but it's better then the minimum requirements. 

As for game play, I was a little surprised how few other players I saw, (they show up on your map), not sure how the server instances are arranged. I know with WoW, you can pick a server and if you want to play with friends, you have to be on the same server. There was nothing i could see that indicated this I can't believe only 10 players were playing the first day the game was available. The game is similar to Fallout 4, it's more colorful then the bleak wasteland desert feel of Las Vegas and Boston. Made it to level 4, but if i keep getting sick playing it, I can't see it being a favorite game, i'll have to see if something they have to address with the game, or I have to upgrade. but at the lower level of graphics, I can't believe my card was the issue. 

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