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A quick background about me: Around 15 years of combined experience in both intelligence and cyber security.  7 years of active duty time in the Army and the remainder as a contractor in various roles.  My current area of expertise is CTI, or Cyber Threat Intelligence.  I have an MBA in Infosec and a gov clearance. 

I get asked it seems on a weekly basis about cyber jobs in this area and how can they get a great salary.  So I feel with all of our wisdom and knowledge here this could eventually become a sticky and used as a great resource.  

Some topics for discussion... What opportunities are out there now, what new contracts were awarded, what salaries specific positions are paying, trends in salaries.....etc..

I will start with some positions I have seen and positions that I have been in along with any emails I have received where the salary rate was revealed.  I have been on dozens of interviews in the past 3 years and have discussed salaries extensively.

Working on Ft. Meade for JFHQ-DODIN  I have just left a position paying 150k.  Job Title: Cyber Fusion Analyst Clearance: TS/SCI  some other positions at DODIN/DISA...
Job Title: Cyber Intelligence Analyst  Pay:  110k-150k  Clearance: TS/SCI  
Job Title: Cyber Threat and Fusion Analyst  Pay:  120k-150k  Clearance:TS/SCI 
Job Title: Cyber Countermeasures Analyst  Pay: Unsure, but should be similar to above  Clearance:  TS/SCI

At US Cyber Command
Job Title:  Cyber Intel Analyst  Pay:  110k-125k  Clearance:  TS/SCI
Job Title:  CND Incident Response  Pay:  Up to 220k  Clearance:  TS/SCI
Job Title:  Cyber Analyst  Pay:  90k-140k  Clearance:  TS/SCI

US Census Greenbelt, MD
Job Title:  Tier 3 Soc Analyst  Pay:  185k-195k  
Job Title:  Tier 2 Soc Analyst  Pay:  Up to 150k

DOE (Dept of Energy) Germantown, MD (not really Dc metro but close enough)
Job Title:  Cyber Threat Analyst  Pay:  150-170k  Clearance:  DOE "Q"

FDA (Food and Drug Admin) Rockville, MD
Job Title:  Cyber Threat Intel Analyst  Pay:  120k-160k  Clearance:  TS/SCI

NIH (National Institute of Health)
Job Title:  Soc Analyst (Threat Intel)  Pay:  120k-135k  

HHS (Health and Human Services)  DC
Job Title:  Cyber Threat Intel Analyst  Pay:  Up to 175k  Clearance:  TS/SCI

DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) DC
Job Title:  Cyber Threat Analyst  Pay:  Up to 150k  Clearance:  TS/SCI

Many, many more positions that I have seen but you get the idea....

I have some job interviews and a job fair next week, I will have even more info to provide!

Overall, what I have seen given the past 3 years have been several new cyber contracts get awarded and some have better rates that others.  The magic number for a senior person appears to be 150k+ outside of downtown DC.  This used to be around 125k not too long ago.  I have seen a tremendous amount of home building and expansion of gov agencies going on especially in my area near Ft Meade. I expect the amount of jobs as well as salaries will significantly increase in the Maryland area between DC and Baltimore.  As these salaries will draw people away from working in DC if they can live and work in the suburbs in and around Ft Meade]]>
I love mass emails from recruiters Wed, 20 Mar 2019 02:04:19 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees thomas_ 135114@/discussions
Basically, they scraped my job title and my current company on LinkedIn and sent me a generic email.  I find it amusing because my LinkedIn profile doesn’t list an actual company just “Undisclosed” and I don’t have any information on my current job duties or accomplishments.]]>
States with Good IT Markets? Thu, 14 Mar 2019 21:17:54 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees N7Valiant 135081@/discussions
So I figure in order to get out of this dead-end, I need to move State side, preferably in a low cost of living area (kind of rules out California, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC for me).  I was thinking big city in a Red State, which would give a good mix of low taxes but not enough population density to get stuck in traffic for an hour.  Any suggestions?  I'd prefer to be somewhere with more IT jobs than there are people to fill them.]]>
Rapid7 Position Question Mon, 14 May 2018 11:10:50 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees Moldygr33nb3an 132304@/discussions
Anyone ever deal with overseas jobs with the company Vectrus? Wed, 11 Mar 2015 17:29:05 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees Nyblizzard 109016@/discussions Entering a MSP Community at Level 2 Thu, 14 Mar 2019 22:48:01 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees sensitivestoic 135082@/discussions
Many thanks!
2 years of studying/ educations and cert grinding cannot find any jobs Sat, 16 Mar 2019 05:31:38 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees boxerboy1168 135091@/discussions
I have A+, Net+ and CCNA R&S currently.

I cannot even find an entry level help desk job. I am looking in PA, NJ and NY. Can anyone offer some advice?

My resume is attached feel free to read it.]]>
Entry level IT jobs in England V US Tue, 27 Sep 2011 20:22:35 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees MrXpert 70635@/discussions
My work history is mainly made up of sales jobs..namely business to business sales in an unrelated sector. I have also done a few office based jobs and about 10 years ago worked for PC World as a customer service/pc clinic person. I also have about 6 months helpdesk experience and have built about 20 computers and upgraded several others.

Unfortunately my work history has changed quite a bit due to company closures and this forced the primal need of just needing a job....ANY JOB We all need to pay bills so sometimes beggers can't be choosers so i ended up in sales and someone thought I was good at it. I've used my time out of work to gain IT certs but have been looking for IT help desk roles. Now here comes my problems. what else can I do to help me find an IT job quicker? i've looked at volunteer jobs where i work for free but nobody wants to know, i've sent out prospective letters but not had any interviews from them and they say they are not hiring.

Although i have been looking for jobs I have noticed some odd discrepencies in the market. For example, recently the NHS (National Health Service) were advertising an IT Support position and were looking for someone with a CCNP. The salary stated was £30k per annum.
I have found several IT jobs entitled "1st Line IT Support", "Junior IT Analyst" positions which although they purport to be 1st line/junior levels they ask for things like skills in SQL, Linux, Server2003/08, AD, experience in field based roles. A lot of these jobs are advertising a salary of £15k to £18k (which is US dollars is $23,450 TO $28,000 approx) I have seen these types of jobs constantly advertised since i've been looking which is nearly a year now. To those that work in the US, how does this compare? is it similar salaries to what an entry level/1st Line IT support/help desk person gets paid in the USA?

What i find quite strange is that when I was working in sales (not IT related), my annual salary was £19.5k per annum and on top of that I'd receive quarterly commission which was very high if I met all my targets. While I was working in this sales job I used to think to myself "i'm doing an unskilled job and I bet IT techs get paid a lot more than I do". Do you see the irony in this?

I'll try not to complain but seriously i have noticed a downward spiral on salaries in the UK over the last few years. Employers know that people are desperate for jobs here and so realize they can get away with paying even a CCNA or MCTS certified tech with experience under £20k ($31,200). It seems very odd that Office Juniors and administrators are offerred salaries in range of £14k - £17k and then you have IT staff including those that have field experience and/or major certs yet in England these people are in the same salary band (in alot of cases)

I have included a few examples of jobs in Central London are near to it where pay will or should be higher than the rest of the UK - Job Details: Help Desk/1st Line Support Role in Central London

Service Desk Technician (Ashford) - delivered by

Network Technician (West Malling) - delivered by

this last one calls on the person to be able to speak italian but also have a degree (thats usually 3-4 years spent at a University which you would get assuming you passed your A Levels (not sexual) at college or 6th form) as well as having training experience. - Job Details: Help Desk Support - IT in St. Albans

So what can I do further to help me get a job? any ideas please]]>
Received a new offer Sat, 09 Mar 2019 00:00:28 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees DatabaseHead 135049@/discussions
Anyway I was able to recover, I had saving of ~10,000 in my checking account, most certainly not the 50% they recommend, but something nonetheless, besides my wife works as well which helps offset some of the financial burden. (More like evenly yoked).

The new position is a multitude of roles, SQL Dev, Functional and Technical Analysis, Architecture.  Really the directions are plentiful.  I indicated in the interview I wanted to get into solutions eventually.  (It was asked).  

Pay is the most I have ever made per hour.  This is a contract position, so no benefits, but the wife picks them up. The contract is an on going one and from what they said, as soon as management decides you are good fit they will convert to FTE.  The salary conversion rate will stay the same which is encouraging a lot of times it lessens due to benefits etc...….

My New Job Sat, 09 Mar 2019 20:11:37 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees Fayz 135054@/discussions
Am I qualified enough for an entry-level security position, somewhere? (resume enclosed) Mon, 25 Feb 2019 20:52:56 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees PellagiusTheSane 134981@/discussions What is your commute like? Sun, 10 Mar 2019 23:53:51 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees CyberCop123 135058@/discussions
50ish minute drive. All along main roads so its not too bad.  I have a work car for commuting which is helpful 

However I do get a bit fed up with it


I have been offered a few jobs in London in the past where the commute is 60 minutes by train into London.  Then a tube/subway to wherever the company is 

The days when the train runs without issues is fine but that's not always the case.  Also getting a seat is difficult coming back. ]]>
Looking for a good offshore development company Wed, 13 Mar 2019 17:09:48 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees Bommayry 135074@/discussions ]]> How crazy am I and has anyone here made this career move? Thu, 05 Jul 2018 23:41:31 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees MeanDrunkR2D2 132862@/discussions

My question really comes down to those here who may have done this type of move. How did you find the jobs that are fine with a Linux system admin that knows very little German but does have the desire to learn it over time? What differences are there in the expectations on a resume compared to the USA?

Pay wise, I'd be fine with what I see in the area I want to live in and honestly it would be a slight increase over my current pay. I'm really just hoping someone here has done this and can help me avoid some of the pitfalls that they may have had. It if there are any German sysadmins here if they have any advice for me as well.

Thanks y'all.]]>
Next Steps? Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:30:56 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees N7Valiant 135060@/discussions
I live in Hawaii, and I've found that once I've excluded DoD jobs, the IT market is actually pretty dry over here.  One reason I exclude DoD is because I'm currently a DoD subcontractor (I contract out to another contractor to the DoD, which is weird).  Infrastructure is old, and a million layers of security makes even doing a feature update a questionable prospect.  Even if I do work on servers, my certification wouldn't be relevant since the OS is so old.  And I'm currently just doing desktop support if even that(mostly just manual labor and emailing customers for now).

My preference right now is University > Corporate > Healthcare > MSP > Stay where I am.  I figure University and Corporate would be more on the cutting edge of technology.  Healthcare would more or less involve one large public hospital (Queen's), would probably have the same issues as my current job, but shorter commute (5 minute drive).

I figure if all else fails I could just go right back to hell (MSP).  Already burned a bridge with my last MSP (and I have no regrets about that), the other MSP with a job posting is underpaying by about $20k minimum.

Staying where I am will probably hurt me skill wise, but I figure saving up for 6 months would leave me with enough cash to make a move somewhere in the mainland where there's a bigger IT market.

I was planning to give myself a month break, but after spending a weekend trying to relax and finding that video games are boring compared to my virtual lab, I was planning on finishing my MCSE.]]>
Looking for entry level employment advice in iT Sat, 09 Mar 2019 01:37:12 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees farazkhurshid 135050@/discussions I am currently learning Linux system administration as my base skill. I will couple that with AWS cloud, some bash scripting, GET, puppet and possibly some other additional skills. I am taking a local course on these over the next few months just to obtain the skills with a realtime problem solving approach. 

As with alot of jobs in IT, there is a job option process for me at the end of the course which essentially fakes job experience through recruiting companies and connects and lands a job within a month or two of the course. These jobs can range easily in 6 figures.

However I am not infatuated with money. Originally I was going to go through the whole process but what interest me is getting my foot in the door, not the money. So this process of faking a year or two of job experience is not sitting well with me. I am willing to not lie about my experience and accept a lower paying job as a consequence. Call it naive or what have you but it hasnt been sitting well with me. 

Realistically, without a college degree, and actual paper certifications, what chances do I have of landing anything if I am able to master the skills I am currently learning? I assume my interview would have to be a WOW for it to overcome all the obstacles. After learning these skills I suppose i can go and get actual certs although that would take more time. Unlike my peers in my class I am okay with a lesser pay and a delayed job if I can do it in a cleaner fashion. There is something about sitting across from an employer and looking him/her in the eye and stating my fake job experience which wont let me accept that path. 

Any advice, experience, and wisdom are welcome. Thank you. ]]>
Form asks about "Security and Cloud Technologies" Mon, 04 Mar 2019 18:55:26 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees CyberCop123 135019@/discussions
Anyway, they asked me to formally apply and also complete a 2-3 page form they sent me.  The form asks basic stuff like name, age, salary, the salary I expect, etc....

One of the questions is about experience and it says: 

Experience with Security & Cloud technologies

Very loose wording and not entirely sure what that means.  Can anyone give me some ideas of what I could consider here?

Security - I have put general stuff about my knowledge of concepts like access control, encryption, group policy, auditing of logs, etc...   Anything else?  

Cloud Technologies - honestly, I don't think I have any experience here.  I have been up front about that.  I know about the existence of Microsoft Azure, Office 365, OneDrive, things like AWS.  

Can you give me any other ideas for this as I'm having a bit of a mind blank and don't want to undersell myself.


Salary Negotiations Wed, 27 Feb 2019 03:17:23 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees AvgITGeek 134993@/discussions Good day all,

I walked out of an interview a couple of hours ago and it all went well. I've just gotten an email from the company wanting to know what my salary expectations are and while I'd love to be making more than I am, I don't want to put them off and miss this opportunity to get back to working with something I love. What do you base your self worth on?  
Just got killed for a DFIR job Tue, 05 Mar 2019 12:06:55 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees unrealskillz06 135024@/discussions As crazy as it sounds it was a great experience though.  I couldn't remember anything!  :D :D

A lot of my background comes exclusively from networking and they weren't giving me any outs to use that experience.  It was all forensics questions.  How do you guys break into that field?!?!
Career Question - Middle East - Germany Sun, 03 Mar 2019 16:01:04 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees MrsWilliams 135015@/discussions 1. Are any companies for sure paying over 200k in the Middle East? 

2. For those who have lived in Germany, are they paying over 100K?
I was looking at a Germany job that had 40hrs a week listed. In my head, that is stateside hours. So, I am thinking it is stateside pay. For those who have worked in Germany how is the pay, living, and transportation. If I am getting over 100K and have to find a place to stay and a vehicle, I am really not getting over 100K. I have always wanted to work in Germany. Just so I can travel and visit the numerous countries surrounding it. But money does play a part in my decision. I am willing to take a pay cut, but it is has to be a reasonable pay cut. ]]>
50% Travel Wed, 06 Mar 2019 12:38:39 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees CyberCop123 135031@/discussions 50% global travelling.  The internal recruiter asked me about my willingness to do this.  I did say it didn't put me off, but I would like to talk with the head manager about the job and the finer details.  

I've never travelled globally for work before.  I'm a little worried by it being 50% of the time and concerned about how impactive that may be on me.  I don't have kids, but I do have a long term partner. 

Has anyone here travelled to this degree for work?  
How did you find it?
Was it good, bad, fun, etc...?

The job looks good - I don't know if I have much of a chance as some parts of the JD I have no experience in.  However, I wanted to consider this just in case I do go further in this application.

Cybercop ]]>
Interview on Tuesday Noc level 1 Sat, 02 Feb 2019 21:03:49 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees Mr.Robot255 134804@/discussions
I have done the Phone interview last week which was 20 mins long mostly technical questions , asking me what would i do/look if this was an issue etc (some ospf talk and some layer 2 stuff also some osi stuff).

I have been called into a face to face with the Network ops manager and and HR person , so i'm guessing this isn't going to be another Technical interview would i be right to assume that ?

Its a shift of 4 days on 4 off on a 7-7 shift rotation , one week nights one week days. Which will be new to me having worked only 9-5/6 days.

"The role will involve monitoring, investigating and tracking all events on the network."

Current role i'm in is becoming very stressful for various reasons so a change of scenery is needed , i am level 1 already and have been for the past 16-18 months.

Any advice on these types of interviews appreciated. I have already stated in the phone interview what im earning at the moment so would this interview be a given that the role would be paying more? Will money be negotiated at this interview,haven't done many interviews....
Ever Had an Interview Beyond your Skill set? Wed, 27 Feb 2019 19:47:04 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees NetworkingStudent 135000@/discussions
Have you ever had an interview beyond your skillset? 

I have done help desk for a couple years.

As I progress in my IT jobs I'm find myself in jobs that require more deskside support, than over the phone.  I enjoy doing the deskside support.  

I have a in person interview for a Senior Network engineer role at a small MSP.  The interview is scheduled for next week.

I'm not really sure how I got selected.  I updated my resume on indeed, and I was sent a message "interested" with this job listed.

I looked at the job description, and I was floored by the skill set.  I just don't feel like I'm at this level yet.

Just getting this job interview scheduled has definitely increased my confidence when I apply to jobs.  

What would you guys do in this situation?  Have you ever been on an interview that was beyond your skillset?

Job Hopping Woes Fri, 15 Feb 2019 05:55:29 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees N7Valiant 134896@/discussions
I am curious if, after finishing my MCSA Windows Server certification I should just move on and look for another job that lets me work with servers?  Or wait 1-2 months after?  Concerned about job hopping showing up on my resume.  However I'm also curious if my experience at an MSP isn't grossly distorting my expectations.  I'm not sure if many places in-house or government would let someone they just hired touch their servers.  Although because it's the government with their technology stack from almost the last decade, I am experiencing a bit of frustration with how run-down and inefficient the processes are.

Granted, I'm not sure it'll be that bad to just apply to positions that give me exactly what I'm looking for (mostly Windows Servers) in the meantime...  Again, just concerned I'll have busted my butt for this cert and spend the next year painfully crawling towards it and having my skills waste away because most of my day was spent fixing laptops and desktops.  The pay is great for what I do, but it's the skills I want most of all.]]>
Which is the better job: NOC Technician or Network Technician? Thu, 07 Feb 2019 12:04:39 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees jamesindc 134847@/discussions
Which one do you think is the better job?  Which one will offer the better path towards becoming a Network Engineer ?

1. The first job is working for a SaaS in the Healthcare industry.  It's official title is NOC Engineer.  Its salary is about 10K more than the other job below.  Here is the job description: 

The NOC technician position is a great opportunity to work with fellow engineers, gain experience in a variety of technologies and explore other roles within the company.

Who will love this job
  • Problem Solving: You will monitor and troubleshoot the server, network and operating systems and the internal production systems in a data center environment. We strive to resolve issues while maintaining a 99.9% uptime rate for all systems.
  • Learning: You are a lifelong learner; you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of how our infrastructure works in relationship to our customers and end users
  • Communicating: You will work with internal teams to report or resolve system related or network issues and communicate them to the rest of the team
  • Delivering: You will be responsible for monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting 250+ servers and 150+ network devices located at more than five locations and resolving issues in a timely and efficient manner
  • Graduate degree or Undergraduate degree in engineering or Computer Science
  • Two to three (2-3) years of experience with network and server hardware and the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot basic problems
  • Must be able to work in a 24x7 rotating shift environment on either the Swing or Graveyard shift
  • Knowledge of basic TCP/IP and other Internet protocols as well as experience with tools such as Ping, Traceroute, NS Lookup, DIG, MTR, Netstat, Netsh, etc.
  • Working knowledge of operating systems; Windows OS, Linux OS
  • Ability to troubleshoot Cisco network devices, routers and switches and other network related hardware
  • Knowledge and experience with the Zabbix and other Open source monitoring management system *a plus
  • CCNA, MCSE, Network + or Linux + certification is a plus
  • Experience with XML *a plus
  • Scripting experience (Python, Ruby, Perl) *a plus
  • Knowledge of relational databases and experience with ADO.Net with SQL and Oracle databases *a plus
  • Experience with server-side languages such as PHP, Pythin, Ruby, Java, JavaScript and .Net *a plus
  • Database technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Mongo DB *a plus
  • 90% Desk/phone work
  • 10% Standing/moving throughout the office

We offer comprehensive benefits to keep you healthy as you grow in your life and career. Your merit-based compensation will reflect the impact your work has on the company and our customers.

2.  The second job is for a large federal government agency working as a contractor.  The official title is Network Technician.   This job will pay about 10K less than above job. Here is the job description:

Job Summary

XYZ Company is seeking a Network Technician to assist in the development and maintenance of network communications. Knowledge of LAN/WAN systems to install and administer internal and external networks. Test and evaluate networks. Has knowledge of commonly used concepts and practices and relies on experience and judgement to perform the functions of the job. Can work under general supervision.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree plus 0-2 years of relevant experience

Must be able to obtain Government Suitability clearance

Preferred Qualifications

Previous Government system experience is preferred

Clearance Required Yes

Looking for I.T. Jobs that don't require you to be on the phone? Sun, 25 Mar 2018 15:44:33 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees need2learn16 131658@/discussions Skills you are missing Thu, 21 Feb 2019 21:49:26 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees DatabaseHead 134950@/discussions
If so when, where and what?]]>
WGU Bachelor's IT-Security - Starting 01/01/17 Tue, 20 Dec 2016 17:57:20 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees Rylee1246 124188@/discussions
First Semester:
intro to IT

Second semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Fifth Semester
CCNA Security
Tech Writing

I plan to accelerate faster than those listed above, but that's a breakdown that's fairly conservative but not the slowest. For anyone who has done this before, does anyone see any issues with potential time to complete these? Are any classes more involved than their allotted time or less involved? Example: CCNA shouldn't take an entire semester, even if you're new to it, or, the three classes and both Linux tests may not be doable in 1 semester. (these are examples)

I'm also currently in the process of searching for a fulltime IT job in the San Antonio area, so if you know of anyone in search of IT personnel in this area let me know! help desk/desktop support/jr admin/security related.....any of those would be fine. :)]]>
Another Resume - Would love to move out West - Texas Sun, 17 Feb 2019 16:14:29 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees Daneil3144 134906@/discussions If anyone wants to critique my resume I updated.

Would love to get into security and move out west (Texas/Arizona/New Mexico) in the next 6+ months

Due to space I had to remove my earliest job which was a stint at Redbox being a field tech and had to remove when I attended WGU for two years as I am no longer attending that school.

Don't worry those aren't my actual employers but they are similar.

Has anyone used a resume service before? Fri, 01 Mar 2013 23:24:58 +0000 IT Jobs / Degrees jsb515 86865@/discussions