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Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP)
CCSP Exams Information

The Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) certification focuses on securing and managing network infrastructures by using VPNs, PIX firewall, IPS, CSA, and other Cisco security technologies.

A CCSP candidate is required to pass 5 of the following exams:

642-552 SND

642-503 SNRS

642-523 SNPA

642-533 IPS

642-513 HIPS

Besides fulfilling the requirements for the CCSP exam, certain combinations of the exams above combined with CCNA qualifies a candidate for a Cisco Qualified Specialist certification such as Cisco Firewall Specialist, Cisco IPS Specialist, and Cisco VPN Specialist.

Older CCSP exams can be mixed and matched with the current exams, for more information and other frequently asked questions check out the CCSP Instant Answers section at Cisco.com.

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