Passed CASP-002 on retirement day 10/2 second attempt.

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I'm glad to get this one out of the way, tough exam and I didn't think I made it. When the test person gave me my report and said congratulations I was so happy that all my hard work paid off. One thing that worked for me this time was I went in on all things CASP for a solid month. My previous attempt I studied on and off then on and off again for 7 months which wasn't helpful because by exam time I didn't remember all the concepts as well as I did this go around. This exam in my opinion is tougher that the CISSP, I know because I missed it by 60 points last year. The CISSP exam will be next and I'll use the same study strategy again to successfully pass that one too.

  • IT PRO TV CASP video training (subscription)
  • Trancender practice questions (subscription)
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CAS-002 Cert Guide by Robin Abernathy
Lessons learned from failing the 1st time.
  • Skipped all 10 of the simulations at the start of the exam (1st time I spent well over an hour on the sims and then had to rush through the questions
  • Completed all multiple choice questions 1st
  • Then simulations last
  • Then one more quick read through of everything, glad I did because I saw one mistake


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    Also passed CASP somehow. Did not feel that the test I took was the test that I studied for. Still, I studied more for this test than any other in the past. Studying for CISSP now. Congrats man, CASP is beastly.
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    Awesome! Congrats
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    Hey man so can you provide more info on how you studied specifically ? Reading/covering content bs memorizing? What particular things did you focus on? Drawing charts, diagrams, lists? What was most helpful ..thanks!!! And congrats bro!!
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