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I have A CCNA , I wonder how much it cost for CCDA ? some people says 150 $ but when I went online to check on Pearson it says 250$???


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    They are all pretty much $250+ after CCNA
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    CCDA Time Limit: 640-864 (DESGN) is 90 minutes long.

    Exam Length: 640-864 (DESGN) contains 65 questions.

    Exam Cost: 640-864 (DESGN) costs $150 - $250 USD.
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    The CCNA R+S is a special case as far as pricing goes. All the other CCNA/CCDA level exams are more expensive. So, yeah, $250 is right. You can buy vouchers, though, and often they are much cheaper. Many testing centres will sell discounted vouchers, and there are many online places to buy vouchers. If you get an early expiry (like one that expires in a month or a couple of weeks), you can save quite a lot.
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    It went up to $300.
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