CCIE Programmability Webinar June 19!

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TechExams community,

I will be presenting a webinar next week for the CCIE Evolving Technologies program on network programmability. This webinar will cover topics on the Evolving Technologies 1.1 blueprint for the CCIE written exam. My specific focus is IOS XE programmability, but the concepts should apply across different operating systems and are relevant regardless of the track you are on. I am a subject matter expert for the program, so the content will be targeted at helping you to understand programmability at the level required by the CCIE written exam. I will also be giving you some of the reasons behind the shift to programmable interfaces for network devices, and some practical advice for applying these techniques in your daily job.

We'll be covering YANG data models, NETCONF/RESTCONF/gRPC, and configuration management tools among other topics.

If you are studying for the CCIE written for the first time, are re-certifying and need to master the new topics, or just have an interest in the subject, please join me June 19th at 10am PDT! If you cannot make that time, the CCIE program will be posting a recording of it later.

More information and to register:
Cisco - Internal Sites WebEx Enterprise Site


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    Jeff, thanks for the great presentation and content. This was really helpful!
  • ccie14023ccie14023 Posts: 183Member
    You're welcome, and thanks. I'll be passing the recording link for those who couldn't make it in about a week.
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    Hi, is the link avalaible yet ?
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    CCIE - Network programmability sounds pretty interesting
  • MalwareMikeMalwareMike Posts: 124Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    I was looking at the there just 1-2 network programability certifications or is there a full path from associate to expert?
  • ccie14023ccie14023 Posts: 183Member
    I was looking at the there just 1-2 network programability certifications or is there a full path from associate to expert?

    Hi, no, the body of the post explains it better than the title.

    There is no new CCIE Programmability.

    Programmability is a subject on the evolving technologies portion of the blueprint for the written exams in all tracks. I realize this may be confusing from the title.

    No plans for a separate CCIE track on this. I don't want to start any rumors :)

    Still waiting on the link.
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