Passed the ICND 1 today! (+ my story)

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Passed on my first try with a 856/1000 (835 needed). My girlfriend suggested I make a post on here since she knows I've been on this forum constantly for the past couple of weeks leading up to the exam.

Study Materials:
Official Cert Guide - Wendell Odom + Included Practice Exams
CBT Nuggets Videos

I give the exam a 7.9 out of 10 difficulty rating

Just a bit of background on my end;

I'm 25 with ZERO years of genuine networking experience. I've gotten into some recent trouble with the law (because mary jane isnt legal here yet) and decided to take my life seriously with a career path. Long story short.. I got arrested in the beginning of November and when the cops raided our place. My girlfriend's dad had ordered her the CompTIA A+ all-in-one book by Mike Meyers. She never opened the box it was shipped in..but of course the cops did. So after I get out of jail and we come back to the apartment that they completely trashed during the raid, and as my girl is crying I had a moment of revelation and saw what path I was going down and saw how it was affecting those I cared about (mom, dad, gf, brothers). Even though I am really a good guy, I was throwing my life away. in that moment while she's crying, I see this big a** book with an A+ on it and decided to pick it up. I did some research on what would be the best career route that I would have a shot at while having a criminal record and most people pointed to IT. So over the span of 2.5 weeks I read the entire book by Mike Meyers and passed both exams for my A+. Didn't have any look getting a job..I can't blame anyone else other than myself and lack of experience on the job and with interviews. So I decided to get a little more serious and try out Cisco. To say the least, I am more than happy with my deeper understanding of what goes on under the hood. What I'm even happier about is how I can express what I know in a more convincing manner to an employer. If you have 0 experience in networking, please know your stuff. I mean REALLY know it..I hate the thought of wasting money but I would've definitely retook it had I not passed. All of that to say, never believe someone when they say long story short, and go over those exam topics until you feel like you have them perfected. Peace.


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    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!
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    Congratz! Good luck to you on this path and your GF.
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    Conragts! Thanks for sharing. It's amazing what some motivation and hard work can get you in this life. Just remember getting that first job to take a chance on you will be the hard part. Don't give up!
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    Congrats! Very interesting story.
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    Good on ya. People make mistakes, it's what you do after that defines you.
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    Congrats! gatta keep pushing,great come back story!
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    Congrats on the pass. As someone who went through something similar understand that you will have to work harder and smarter then most people. Your integrity and honesty will be among your best attributes, remember that and act on that accordingly. Get use to saying out loud what you did, why, and what you learned from the experience(for job interviews). Be upfront and honest.

    As for job prospects, It will get easier the further in time its been since the incident. maybe look for smaller shops/internal IT positions even if its part time. The certs will help, but ultimately you have to sell your self in the interviews. Good Luck, you've started down a great path keep at it.
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    Congrats!! :)

    Great story and best of luck on the next certs and your journey. A great story
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    To go from being arrested to CCNA in less than a year is impressive!
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    I also passed the examination on jan 22. But i had question..
    In how many days i can get my printed certificate?? i am from india...
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    Hopefully you didn't get a felony, sounds like a misdemeanor...if you did get a felony or misdemeanor, you should try to get them expunged...Otherwise, start applying everywhere for a helpdesk job & work your way up the IT ladder.
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    Congratulations my friend. You're such an inspiration!
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