GRE in Packet Tracer?

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Along with many other commands that textbooks like Lammle's ask you to do in labs, the ip tunneling commands seem to not work in Packet Tracer. For example, the int tunnel 0 command in configuration mode yields an 'unrecognized command' in the CLI. Although I've seen people on Youtube do labs with that software... Is there some kind of add-on I have to download to access it?


  • DCDDCD Posts: 449Member
    What version of Packet Tracer are you using? How about a screen shot of what you are doing.
  • the_dude7the_dude7 Posts: 31Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Here's a screenshot.

    I'm using version 7.1.
  • DCDDCD Posts: 449Member
    Version 7.1 will do tunnels so I would save the lab and close it and reopen it and see if it will create the tunnel interface. If that doesn't work uninstall Packet Tracer and reinstall Packet Tracer. One of PT bugs is that you can't create a Tunnel interface from config-if prompt.
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    The interface tunnel command in PT needs to be done at global config mode, not interface mode. Here's a lab that may help
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    Well in the second screenshot I did try it in both interface and then global config mode

    Thanks I'm thinking I may need to reinstall. It's not only this but a bunch of other features that should be included are inaccessible to me.

    I'll try the lab in the link. I looked at that one before. It's not a complex procedure at all and relatively straightforward. It's more just that I was wondering why I keep lacking features in PT.
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