Subnet broadcast question

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hello i have question about subnetting.When i have an ip = it means sending paackets in all hosts in subnet just like for example means all hosts in subnet 5 ?or it is all hosts in all subnets?
2) what is the difference of 255 subnet and 254 (except that subnet 255 it has lagerst value in netwrok) thanks very much


  • dead_p00ldead_p00l Posts: 136Member
    What subnet mask are you working with?
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    a host address that is all 1's is the broadcast address for the network it belongs.

    I'm sure the question makes sense to you. But, supplying an ip addresses without the subnetmask. then, talking networks and hosts makes no sense to anyone else.
  • szarszar Posts: 9Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    sorry i had it by mistake remove it from my post. the mask is
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