Passed ICND1 970/1000. ICND2 is next!

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First of all thanks to everyone in this forum for continuous inspiration.

This exam was not like the practice tests.
Network+ and work experience must have helped me though.

My learning plan was as follows:

1. Videos:
CBT Nuggets. Good overall knowledge and intro.
Watched most videos twice and followed the labs.
Free Udemy video found here. Some good stuff in it but not as thorough as CBT on some topics.

2. Books:
Got the Odome books. Not read it all though.
Got the CCNA in 60 days book on kindle. Some good stuff and practice exams online.
A friend gave me '31 Days before CCNA' book in the last week. The book has lots of errors but covers much. Best compact revision book IMO. Printed out the ICND1 exam objectives and mapped it out to the book days myself.

3. Practice exams:
Odome book came with PTP and found these to be very good.
10 days free Safari books access was super useful. Legit way to learn free.

4. Labbing:

Purchased 2x Cisco 1841 ISR, C2970, C3550. Was given 2960 from work.
Packet tracer 7.2 is now free for everyone from Cisco.

5. Extra stuff:

**** Sheets -****-sheet-part-1/


Don't waste time with ****.
Lab everything you learn. Cisco CLI context help ( ? ) is your best friend.
Lab again, again until you can look at a test scenario and solve with mental strength.
This way you can internalize the concepts and they become second nature.

Each question in exam is only single attempt so no option to go back and review later.
So make sure you mark each question before clicking next.
If not sure use process of elimination. So focus on wrong answers first and narrow down to the right ones.
CLI questions don't give full command set. So make sure you know multiple ways of achieving the same result.

Good luck to all!


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    First and foremost, congrats on your well earned achievement!

    What was your daily regiment like and how long did you study for? Just started my studies for the CCENT myself.
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    Congrats! Thanks for the information and links. I sit for my exam Oct 1st.
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    Studied for about a month.
    Minimum two hours in weekdays and almost all of weekends.
    One day off each week.

    Good luck with your test.
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    Great job and congrats!!

    Relax for a bit before moving on, you deserve it. Have a great weekend!
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