AWS Certified Solution Architect or Sysops Admin

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Hi all,

I just passed the foundation one cloud practitioner and was reading for SA associate. Now I have been sys ops for most of my career and was thinking why take SA then as I don't want to be an architect. So thinking if should directly target Sysops Admin Associate track.

Now do you know if taking SA will help before SysOps or they look at things differently and directly going for sysops would be fine.



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    Most people start with SA and then do Dev and/or SysOps. That's the same order I did it and I'd recommend that order. SA will give you the higher level overview of AWS all/most major services. Having that knowledge first makes the subsequent tests easier in my opinion.
  • maronvomramaronvomra Posts: 40Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    I thought having the Cloud practitioner foundation would be enough for that purpose to get an idea on services. But good point, will start looking into SA first and then target sysOps.
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    Good overlap between the 2 so I did them very close together. Worth doing the CSA first followed by sysops.
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