Passed CCSKv4

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Today I passed the CCSKv4 exam. This was my second time taking it as I missed the first one by maybe 2 questions. My last position as a Senior systems security engineer had me dealing with cloud on a normal basis. This certification allowed me to understand it better. If you are interested in taking the test it is online, open book, and you get two exams for the price of one. 60 questions in 90 minutes with 3 study materials: CCSKv4 main book, ENISA book, and the Cloud controls matrix (CCM). Most of the questions were found in the main book. If you understand the material you can probably get this test within a month. It took me a month in a half because i wanted to read the whole book.

What's next? I have another dance with CISSP this year, however my company is heavily pushing SPLUNK. Decisions, Decisions.


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    Congratulations - can be a tricky exam as your first attempt confirms. I like the vendor neutral approach of the CSA\CCSK.
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    Thanks cCISO2017. Had a question for you. Did this cert open up any avenues for you?
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    I head up a cloud team for a cybersecurity consultancy. It primarily gave me stronger knowledge of the standards (NIST, CSA, ENISA, etc.) as they relate to cloud to be able to advise clients of best industry practice and also the certification itself added weight to my ability to discuss these and other related topics. Prior to this I had standard InfoSec certifications (CISM, CITP, CIPM, etc.) which enabled me to obtain the position in the first place but the CCSK\CCSP exams give me further credibility for this specific role.
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    I 100% agree. It definitely hardened my knowledge as well. I understand that it not the precursor to elevated positions. Thank you.
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    since they are still allowing v3 exams - any reason why you chose v4?
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    From my side I passed both as they gave v3 certification holders a voucher to sit the v4 exam. Whilst CCSK does not expire it's generally a good idea to pass the latest version of any given exam to be more up to date.
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    I felt v4 was much higher quality, the questions more straightfoward, and overall easier than v3.
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    Congratulations! Do you suggest any good practice tests for CCSKv4? I am planning to take it in 3 weeks so wondering how I can expedite the learning.
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    Congrats on the pass! If you're looking at the CISSP, I would suggest you go for the CCSP as this closely aligns with what you have already done with Cloud through the CCSK minus the breadth and depth of the CISSP.

    Good luck on whatever you decide to do!
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    Are the study materials included in the cost of the exam? Where can I get the study materials?

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    Congrats on the pass!!
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    Congrats on the pass!  :)

    esea said:

    Are the study materials included in the cost of the exam? Where can I get the study materials?

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