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Hey all,

I've just about completed my 1st read through of the Sybex and performed most of the test questions provided.

I'm sure they are not even close to whats presented on the exam, but is there anything out there that is?

Gonna start 2nd read throughnext week, aiming to take exam before Christmas.

I've also been going through because Michael Chapman is the presenter who also co wrote the Sybex book.

So I have the Sybex test engine, Kaplan through CBT Nuggets...... any other suggestions?

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    There are some good test engines on Udemy. Go to and do searches on Thor Pedersen and Total Seminars (Mike Meyers). Udemy always has sales, so you should be able to get these for cheap.
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    For writing the exam, a highly recommended source is Cybrary Kelly Handerhan's material (video based) which is a solid reference and puts you into the managerial mindset that you require to pass the exam. In terms of questions, I recommend BOSON bank as it provides an in depth Question and Answer pool. It's a bit more on the pricier side but totally worth it.
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