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Hey, guys. I've peeked around here for a while, but this is my first post. Looking for some advice.

A little about me:
I got my first IT-ish job about a year ago. I work for an IT technology recycler/reseller, and my primary role is testing/troubleshooting network and telecom equipment before we sell it and then writing documentation on testing processes. Officially, we're also the IT department, but in reality, only a couple of people are given regular opportunities to work on tickets. I've only been given 3 in the past year.

I got my A+ in August, and I'm hoping to sit for the CCENT within the next month. I'm also nearly done with an A.S. in Computer IT but ran into a money snag that will likely prevent me from finishing until I get a better paying job. Ultimately, I would like to go the network admin/engineer route. Possibly the collaboration route, but it's a little early to know for sure.

My current predicament: I know it's fairly typical to start a networking career on the help desk, but I have had roughly zero luck thus far landing a tier 1 help desk job. Today, I was contacted by a recruiter who was asking if I'd be interested in a field service tech job. It sounds like mostly PC break/fix at external customer sites, but I don't have all the details yet. I said I was interested (as I'm pretty desperate to leave my current job). I'm hesitant to take a job that won't help my career goals, though.

My question: Do you think a field service tech position like that would be a step in the right direction from my current job? Should I just keep looking and hope a CCENT will help me land a help desk job?

Sorry to write such a long first post, and thanks in advance for any feedback.



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    A+ is enough to land you a helpdesk role. I landed my first IT contact role with just an A+. It may be the area you are in now or you are not sending in enough applications. Field service is on the similar level with helpdesk. Read the job description and if you feel like you'll learn new skills and improve - then go for it.
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    If the field tech job will give you an opportunity to learn more, take it.
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    Thanks for the advice, guys. It makes me feel better about that opportunity should I get the interview/offer. I'm always thinking about how a position fits into the path towards my career goals, but I should probably be more concerned about just moving up at this point.

    I don't know why a help desk job seems so hard to get right now. There seem to be lots of those jobs out there, but even applying to 1-5 jobs most weeks, I don't seem to get much interest. It's pretty discouraging. I don't know of the market is just too crowded with more qualified people or what.
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    If the field tech job will give you an opportunity to learn more, take it.
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