Security Culture Analyst (job)

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What do you think about this job?

I had a friend who listed his job title as 'vibe manager', I thought it was funny but apparently it was a thing and he was part of the HR department (He's not in IT).

Do you want to analyse culture for a living?
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    UnixGuy wrote: »

    What do you think about this job?

    The fact that you only get 2 days of vacation is not enough IMO icon_thumright.gif. Otherwise I haven't encountered any companies that had resources dedicated to cultivating culture/analyze culture. Perhaps it's common towards more of startups and large enterprises? There are definitely inclusion & diversity roles within my organization but not to an extent that they would have folks dedicated to that role full time.
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    @DZA_ well what I've seen more common is people who run security & awareness campaigns, and communication/PR teams get assigned education/awareness tasks...
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    Not just 2 weeks, a generous 2 weeks.
    DZA_ wrote: »
    . . .The fact that you only get 2 [weeks] of vacation is not enough IMO . . .

    I particularly like the way they describe how they are an equal opportunity employer and are especially so if you happen to be black, Latino, Asian, female, or g_a_y.
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