Taking Second shot at WGU Network Administration Course

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Good afternoon/morning Tech Fam,

As the title suggest i'm taking a a second jab at finishing this degree. This past semester I messed around and allowed Life to interfere with my progress. ( Wedding Planning, relocating to a new city, and just stresses of life) I'm back and more than ever determined to finish this degree. Currently the certs I have to complete are Linux+, Windows server 2012, and windows 10 MCP (I think that's what it's called). I also have to complete, Java programming, Sql and my capstone. I had lost a little spunk and considered dropping out of the program, but I saw all of you guys knock out your various degrees. Really motivated me. Now time for round 2! Got my gloves on, and I'm ready to knock this out!!
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Courses to Continue..... Linux+, Windows 10 70-698, Windows Server 2012, SQL, and JAVA Programming


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    You got this, you can do it. Just pace yourself and always be studying or something. Chip away at it slowly and don't let it overwhelm you.
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