Applying for two roles, same department

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Hey Guys,

I'm in the midst of applying to a start-up organization under their Information Security department but I am interested in two of their roles: Both are senior but they are on different ends of the spectrum. One is managerial and the other one of course is technical. I do believe I can provide value in both roles however I am not sure what the perception would be if I applied to both roles at the same time. This might ring off some bells with HR. I do have an inside contact who provided some level of detail to what the actual roles and responsibilities are. Is applying for two separate roles under the same umbrella department frowned upon? Are there certain methods or ways if I do end up applying for both? My end goal is to become a manager although I believe I would have a better chance of fulfilling the technical role based on my current experience. Looking for some guidance, thanks everyone.



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    Do it. You can be qualified for both however another candidate might be more qualified in one of the positions. If you really want to work there I am sure that you wont have any issues with HR. Most places I know encourage you to apply to multiple positions for that reason.
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    Thanks Devilbones! I'm gravitating towards the same thing, apply for both roles and see what comes out of it. I believe they know my name already as I had a history applying through their HR system in the past. icon_lol.gif
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