Passed CCNA R&S, How to Pivot to Security

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Hello All,

I currently working as an IT Support/Network Engineer for a small MSP in Scotland, I have recently completed a 2 year apprenticeship program and now work as a full time engineer.

I also recently achieved my CCNA R&S after months of pain.... I am now however looking to pivot into a Cyber Security but have no idea what approach to take.

I started OSCP prep for a short while at the start of this year but it's been on hold due to CCNA studying.

I have contemplated leaving my job and persuing a degree in Cyber Security but not sure if a degree is a MUST in the Cyber world? I would be far more comfortable learning in a work environment rather than Uni.

Does anyone here have any advice on trying to pivot from Networking/Support to Cyber Security?

Any advice would be great :)


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    Good morning,
    First let me say this is my opinion not a paid political announcement :). If you are getting relevant experience, I would definitely not quit a good job to get a degree in Security or any degree for that matter. You can, as many of us have, get a degree in whatever you want WHILE working full time. My suggestion (FWIW) would be if security interests you, look at he CCNA Security blue print and see what you can get involved in within that blueprint at your current job. Then look at another cert in CCNA Security possibly, or part time school in something within the security realm. Again, my 2 cents only. Have a wonderful day!
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    Like the above poster said: Do not quit your current job!!!
    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    Keep your current job and look at the Security+ certification. It is an entry level security certification and it is vendor neutral.

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    with ccna still fresh on your mind, i'd definitely give ccna security a look.

    also, if you're interested in going back to school, check out wgu's cyber degree since you can do it and work, and earn certs as part of the curriculum
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    Never heard of WGU - Is it American only as im from the UK?
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    what type of cyber security are you interested in? Since you mentioned OSCP, I'm guessing red team/security research?
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  • aisecurityaisecurity Posts: 9Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    what type of cyber security are you interested in? Since you mentioned OSCP, I'm guessing red team/security research?

    Red or blue, I'm not sure how to get into either tbh
  • Moldygr33nb3anMoldygr33nb3an Posts: 241Member
    starting a github is a start and it's free. In my experience, lots of job postings like to see a github account with projects youre working on. Check out and create a portfolio and submit some vulnerabilities. Add that to your portfolio. All this can be done on your free time :)
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    I once wanted to get into the field of B but my job at the time was in the field of A .
    1) I started taking on as many B tasks as I could at my current job.
    2) After a few months, I updated my CV with these new duties.
    3) I applied for as many jobs as I could that had field B in the job title.

    I eventually got hired in field B. Not much to it.
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  • kohr-ahkohr-ah Posts: 1,277Member

    Start by going through this and start applying to places. Do not quit a current job before having a new one.
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    I work for a MSP. I attended a local universities Information Security and Risk Management certification program and later got my CEH. I moved up the ranks at work and am now the Director of IT and lead the company’s cybersecurity efforts. I also attend local cybersecurity organization meeting to network. Your next steps should be towards your goal. Identify field in cybersecurity you want to specialize in and work towards that goal.
  • aisecurityaisecurity Posts: 9Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Just picked up Security+ cert guide, Had a quick look over the content and a lot of it looks familiar to material I saw on a week long Cyber Security course.

    Think I'm gonna hammer this over the next month or so and sit the exam :)
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    Happy to help out a fellow Brit! If you have some spare time for a FREE online cybersecurity course, have a butcher's at this:

    It's paid for by the US govt and anyone around that world can take it (I'm in Canada). Would be a nice little line on your CV...
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    Yoba222 offers the most practical advice for your situation, look for ways to incorporate and carry out information security related tasks at your current job. Update your CV with these tasks. Look for ways to get accomplishments relating to security that you can put on your CV or demonstrate at interviews. And while you are doing this, get started on your Security+. If networking is your thing, after Security+ check out CCNA Security. And apply for information security related jobs.
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