Lab Exercises for Windows Server 2012 (R2)

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When I studied for the Windows Server 2008, trainer provided us with a lot of step-by-step exercises to performed in the class. Those practice exercises were very useful. I wonder if that kind of exercises are available for Windows Server 2012 with or without R2.

I am currently studying for the 70-410, 411 and 412


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    what books are you using for the server 2012 r2 exams?
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    Well, books are another issue here. Sometimes I use Exam Ref, but this doesn't include R2. I read technet library, I watch online videos on youtube, on micrasoft's websites.

    The ideas is I go through exam objective one by one. In the first place I google the objective and read or watch what I find. And of course will take notes on OneNote.
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    I learn best when I do my own labs, not following someone else's or a lab manual. I'm doing the MCSA 2012 right now as well and am doing just what you said; Go through each objective in tech net, study guide, mastering 2012 r2 book, lab it out. It may help you to check out Savill's videos or CBT nuggets as well. I also use one note, take screen shots of my labs and insert into my notes in one note.
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    i think you want this book
    step by step Lab for every thing ,

    Download MOAC_Exam_70-411_Administering_WS2012-R2_Lab_manual.pdf
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