Passed CySA+ (Still shell shocled)

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1 month of unfocused study + 1 month of intense study. Primarily used Udemy courses by Jason Dion (A+), Brent Chapman (A+), and Joseph Holbrook (C). Also had the Sybex Study guide, but could have utilized it more. As a result, test was more difficult than expected. Had a false sense of security coming into the exam even before seeing the sims. Took advice gleaned from techexams and saved the sims for last. Would like to have known more about how I performed on them. Started studying CEH material, but may wait until PenTest+ study material is released and go for it. Signed up for the beta, but now know I'd just be embarrassing myself by taking it, lol. Will trudge on though and hopefully pivot toward a dedicated security position. I passed, but still feel like I failed as I didn't do as well as I thought I would.


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    Congrats! It is a tougher one from CompTIA, which is good.

    If you are considering CEH, I had taken the CySA+ beta and passed it, mostly using CEH material. So, the topics in both seem to overlap, although I've not taken CEH. You may be more ready for CEH than you think.
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    Congrats! Well done.
    I am also prepping for this one and from your description it really looks like I have to prepare for this exam better.
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    WGU BS - Network Operations and Security Estimated completion: May 2019
    Remaining courses: C846 (ITIL), C768 (OA), C850 (OA), C769 (Capstone)
    Active Certifications: A+, CCDA, CCNA-R&S, CCNA-Security, CIW-SDA, i-Net+, Network+, Project+, Security+, Server+, Splunk Certified User, VCP-DCV
    Expired Certifications: CCNP, LPIC-1, MCSE, RHCSE,
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