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    Default Passed CySa+ 11/9/18 - Stackable Certs?

    So I passed CySa+ on Tuesday with a 793! Over the moon to pass, as I wasn't 100% confident with it before walking into the exam. Threat Management was posing a little bit of problem but it's in the past now haha

    Got an email to say that I now have CSAP (Cyber Security Analytics Professional)...are these really worth anything? Or are they one of CompTIA's marketing departments good ideas? I've never seen a job advertisement asking for one, or even anyone talking about them haha.

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    TBH? I'd think they're more marketing than anything else. The names are not well-recognized enough, and the only thing I would see them doing is getting you passed over by HR/someone because they dont realize that saying you have a "CompTIA Security Analytics Professional" means you have a Security+ and a CySA+.
    or CompTIA Network Security Professional which is Security+ and PenTest+ and CySA+
    or CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert which is Security+ and CySA+ and PenTest+ and CASP
    or CompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional which is Network+ and Server+

    imho they're not going to be much use for official/resume type use, because I wouldn't want to risk them being misconstrued. but they might be slightly useful if you wanted to show that you are certed across a variety of the CompTIA certs without listing out 4 at once.
    CompTIA Stackable Certifications

    Then again..
    CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert
    Security+, CySA+, PenTest+, CASP
    It's shorter just to list them all out than the long-form name so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    If you wanted to put some more fluff on the resume and fill in something, maybe but I dont see where it would be useful otherwise. Except to maybe get someone like me to go back after I passed CySA+ and Pen+ and take the Sec+ because now I am not going to be in line to get any of the stackable certs. Same with getting me to go back and take Net+ or Linux+ (although I AM looking at doing the beta of that, cause betas are CHEAP)
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