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My employer has finally agreed to let me take a SANS course, and I have chosen the 660. Does anyone have any recommendations beyond reviewing the course objectives for preparing for this course? I have taken the eCCPT and eWPT, however I don't think either of those are quite enough. OSCP is out of the question in terms of completing before the SANS course.


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    I believe SEC560 and OSCP are the more compared courses. Have you done pen testing before? Have you written any exploits? Keep in mind this is an exploit writing course, not just using exploits to get root. I suppose if you've passed the eCCPT, you might be ready. Just make sure to look at the prerequisite suggestions and syllabus.

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    Even if you're comfortable with pen testing, half the course is security research centric. Memory, assembly, smashing the stack, bypassing ASLR etc. If you don't have recent experience with those, that's where my focus would be. It's a tough climb. One option is to look at exploit writing or assembly content at SecurityTube.
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    Would you guys say eCPPT>GPEN>OSCP>GXPN>OSCE as a decent track?
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    I'm not really familiar with eCPPT content, but yeah. That looks good.
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    The GPEN would be better prior to the eCPPT, its not as in depth as the eCPPT.
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