Windows XP and Volume Shadow Copy

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I have built small Windows XP MCE server which we would like to use for WORKGROUP with 8 clients and two network printers.

We will be using this machine as file server with centralized backup to USB HDD. To make life easier I was trying to implement Volume Shadow Copy but I don't seem to be successful even though I have installed the Volume Shadow Copy Service SDK 7.2.

In Windows Server 2003, each NTFS Volume or partition has its own Shadow Copy tab but not in here. Is it only for Win2k3? Does it even work on XP? Please advice.




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    selice wrote:
    Is it only for Win2k3?

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    EDIT: I now see you are trying to using Windows XP as a file server. If you want to implement Shadow copies you need to use Win 2K3 server as Dynamik mentioned above.

    It sounds like you need to install the shadow copy client on the Windows XP machine. You can download it from Microsoft or I think it is on the Windows Server 2003 CD.
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    Only available on the server, not on XP.
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    Hello everyone,

    thank you for the reply.

    What is the Shadow Volume Service SDK 7.2 for then? Thought it might work but obviously it doesn't. Downloaded from here:

    I need to be able to backup files even if they are being used and NT Backup does not.

    If it doesn't work, can you advice a good backup solution for small business with 8 clients?

    Thank you![/url]
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    This might help:

    Shadow Copies for Shared Folders is the feature in the Server editions that enables the Previous Versions Tab on shared folders. You might need to install the client software for this on your client OSes, but I believe it's been included in one of the service packs.

    Shadow Copies simply allows files that are locked because they are in use to be read by another application. This service is included in XP, and NTBackup uses it by default. There is a checkbox where you can disable shadow copies in the advanced backup options when you start a backup.

    SDK stands for software development kit, and that is likely created for anyone who designs applications that make use of shadow copy.
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    oi, that kinda makes sense. thank you very much, will have to think of Win2k3 server then.
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