Trying to upgrade test env from 2012 to 2016

tdeantdean Posts: 520Member
After running the inplace adviser, i launch the upgrade from the SQL 2016 disk and it brings up a sharepoint upgrade, then it runs through that and completes. When i launch SSMS, its still 2012. Im following upgrade procedure step by step, except some steps arent available. im using Enterprise versions of both 2012 and 16. Anyone run into this yet? Very strange. i've tried 3 different test servers.


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    The base install from the media won't install SSMS or SSDT. You'll need to go back to the wizard (SQL SERVER INSTALL CENTER) and individually install SSMS and Data Tools.

    If you individually go to each SSMS and SSDT in the wizard you can download them from the web, if the server doesn't have internet connectivity you'll have to download the media somehow and install it locally.
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    Nice info. Every environment I've been in we have always stood up the new SQL on newer hardware and just migrated. Granted, this creates a headache for firewall rules and application configuration when you have to update listeners and odbc strings in code.
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    I can imagine, I am absolutely no DBA, but I am well aware of the challenges you all go through, especially with new virtual environments etc. We are actually moving from one hosted company to another. Thank God I am not the PM on this, this is one of the reasons I always wondered why people want to PM. It's def not my thing!
  • tdeantdean Posts: 520Member
    Thanks guys. Is there a way to tell if the db's have been successfully upgraded after running the first install?
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    Can you get to SQL Server Configuration Manager or any of the basic tools in OS program manager?
  • tdeantdean Posts: 520Member
    The only thing that seems to be installed is "Configuration Tools" SQL Server Install center for 2016. then it just brings up the install wizard again. All the tools for 2012 are there.
  • DatabaseHeadDatabaseHead Senior Member Posts: 2,372Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    Then the database engine has been installed. Launch it and check if the services are running.
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