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Guys, Total noob here. Well thats a bit of a insult but I need the caliber of this to be understood! Under estimating myself here may just help me! I am going into a new role soon i currently work for HP, and this is working with SQL Queries.. I am currently a data migration engineer and spend most of my day in the windows server environment. Im okay.. Not great but okay in it and know my way round the basics.. I have been given an exam voucher and been told here go nuts get yourself a cert.. I have 0 knowledge of SQL..and honestly i cant say I even know what it looks like! i have scoured the net and found some Microsoft exams such as the 70-641 etc. Where can i start?! What is the basic stepping stone cert if there is one to get me in the game! Ive only found this site today and i joined up for the wisdom is bestows on every threat! HELP A BROTHER OUT!

BASICS! Entry level SQL cert for someone! money and time no object!


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    I would definitely work on the 70-461 SQL 2012 querying test. It sounds like it would be very relevant to your new position. Grab the MS 461 book, and CBT nuggets if you want introductory videos. This test hits all the primary fundamentals that you need for SQL queries you will perform at work. Let me know if you need any other suggestions!
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    Do I not need any prior knowledge of SQL to fully understand whats going on in 461?

    Thanks alot!
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    Prior knowledge would help. I am reading the 70-461 book now with a few years of experience and I don't think it is a nessesity to use this book. If you want a good starter book, you can try Head First SQL. It covers mostly MySQL as the tool but SQL is an ANSI standard so if you learn to script in MySQL you can easily script in SQL Server.

    I think you would get more out of the 70-461 if you read the Head First SQL book first. Head First SQL: Your Brain on SQL -- A Learner's Guide: Lynn Beighley: 9780596526849: Books
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    If you are looking at certification may I suggest you begin by looking at the MTA Database Fundamentals track - even if you don't write the exam I think the objectives are useful if you want to get into MS SQL.
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